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Dear Class of 2013 Graduated, Gather your best friends and give us a call to set an appointment during graduation week to get a nice, non-snapshot,  “in focus” picture of your big day! You only graduated High school once. This is a memory your will appreciate forever, especially amongst friends. (I look back and think it’s a shame I didn’t have more pictures with my besties. Don’t be like me.)

$25.00 will get you one group shot sized at 5×7 and ready for printing for your scrapbook or memory album. We will send it to you via email and it’s your responsibility to save it somewhere safe, make sure you do!  We usually don’t sell digital files just for this very reason. If you would like us to print it for you, that will be an additional fee. Just let us know. We do this because we know caps and gowns are not exactly “flattering” to most teens, but later down the road, you’re going to wish you had more pictures of your big event! Let’s make it fun and definitely make parents happy.

We will also put this image on facebook for you. You should be able to take it and save it on your phone from there.

Group can be as small or as big as you want, we are going to suggest you keep the maximum to around 12 people. After that, your face just gets too small and who wants a small face in thier picture? I’m going with “no-one”.

We have a busy week during this sale, so spots are limited. Get your stuff together and give us a call ASAP if you want one of the better appointment times. 435-452-1952

We can take individuals as well if parents want a shot of their graduate alone. We will have a packeage set up for that as well. Call us for details.

capgown2013 put on



Last call for Class of 2014 Models. All our models get a mini-session with us, get called in for test shoots when needed, get their senior portraits taken with us and represent us through the year.

The application is here and will be taken down within the next week. You can also call if you have questions. 435-452-1952




Dakota visited us for his Senior Pictures this year. He’s a Class of 2013 senior over in the Logan, Utah area. So we are glad he came over the hill! We aren’t so far away, just tucked away in a small town. That usually has it’s advantages.

We did our typical indoor outdoor senior session with him. Great stuff here! Thanks to Dakota and the family for coming over. We appreciate your business and we enjoyed the new connections we made!




We have our class of 2014 link up for model applications! Seems early, yes but we have our methods! We like to get you in early for camera time so we can show you off on our website, blog and facebook. (No this doesn’t mean you have to get your senior pictures taken this early. We take your official senior portraits later in the year.)

Here is the link to our model application, or the link is up top.

Before you fill out the form. Read the instructions, they are easy enough:

This opportunity is not free. You will get a deeply discounted senior session for signing up with us early and reserving your spot. When you fill out the model form, please do it with the understanding that you have talked to your parents about this and we will be contacting you for further information.  We do not turn anyone away. The more you help us, the more we give to you. We often need models for test shoots, this is why we love to gather our pool of seniors early enough to use them for upcoming projects. We have a few models who can say they’ve been published in magazines, trade show posters, displays, online commercials, ads, etc! We always need models but we don’t work for free. We pick from our paying clients.

Tell a friend, you can do this together. This isn’t a competition, so bring your pals! We’ve worked hard over the years to form this into a positive experience for anyone who joins us.  Talk to any of our past models, they’ll tell you we have a good time!

The process is starting now! We are already in the works to bring in a hair and make-up team at the end of January to have our first Class of 2014 play date. We only do the hair and make-up team once for our early sign ups as it takes a bit of organizing and work to put it together, so you’ll want to start now!

For those of you who have already filled out an application. we see you and will get you called soon!

You can text if you have any questions. 435-452-1952. Leave your name so we know who we are talking to.

Our blog here is full of samples of the models and senior reps we’ve worked with. Browse our site and be assured you will be happy with your pictures as well.

Here is a sample of the work we’ve done with the Class of 2013, including our workshops we’ve needed models for.



Every year we look forward to the BRHS Color Guard with their team, class in individual sessions. This year was great and we have so many cute girls and images! Here is the Team Shot for the year of 2012.

To all the color guard girls who see this, your previews are ready to come look at and chose from.

It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your coaches and parents. Have a great season and good luck!


Madii is a senior this year, class of 2013 at Provo High. Here is another gracious client who came a long way, and brought 4 horses, 1 dad and a friend/stylist with her for her senior portraits.She’s one of our senior models this year as well, so she’s probably a familiar face. We took these senior portraits the same time Utah was on fire, in fact the place we had discussed going with her ended up catching fire that week so we revamped the plans and had her come here where we’d be safe. :)

Needless to say she’s a little into rodeo. It was a great summer day to be taking her senior portraits. We has a lot of fun in the studio and outdoors. Her horses were all beautiful and awesome! (Even Pita! :) ) We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Madii and her parents. She has lots of great pictures to remember her senior year by. She took advantage of our 8×8 senior album as well as got this composite in a large canvas. It looks amazing. I love seeing prints and canvases arrive at the door. It’s like Christmas! It’s nothing a disc of images will ever get you. This is why we think prints are so important. Madii mentioned to us that she had several friends interested in senior portraits here too. If you are reading this as one of Madiis friends near Pleasant Grove, since she is one of our models, give us a call and mention her name – we can hook you up with a deal where the travel is a factor.

Thanks again guys. It was our pleasure and we hope you are as happy as we are about the session.



Madii’s canvas:

One for her army boyfriend:

Showcasing her beautiful face!


Shooting Stockton’s senior portraits was a great time as he knew exactly what he wanted for his pictures. He told us his ideas and we helped bring them to life.

The outdoor session turned out to be a cry weather day, it just goes to show that you never know what to expect until the minute you start the shoot. 20 mintues before it was snowing and blowing. The skies opened up for us and gave us a great opportunity to shine!

Here are a couple of our favorites. Thanks to Stockton and mom for calling us, we appreciate the trust!

-Shelley Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography


Bobbie Jo always makes us smile. Bobbie is a Class of 2012 senior at Bear River Highs School here in Garland, Utah. She loves to Rodeo and is on the drill team at the school, the BR Hi-Steppers.  She’s full of energy and fun to be around, no doubt! So we did her something special for her senior portraits. It’s what she wanted, so it’s what she got! She always liked the images of horses on the beach. Since we are a little land-locked here in Utah, we compromised and came up with something a little incredible!

We were happy to give her what she wanted, it’s what we do!

A big thanks to Bobbie, her horse, and her family for making this a group effort.  We love these images! Thank you foe being such an awesome model for Class of 2012 Bobbie Jo. We think you are awesome!


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