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Halloween portraits are complete! We will have the prints ready soon, here are the web images.

… and as you look through these and think “Dang! We should have done these!” Remember this for next year. These are so fun! Halloween day turned out the best for turn-out so plan on bringing them before trick or treating next year. Thanks to our great clients for supporting us locally. We appreciate it!


This year we did our Halloween portrait night on a Saturday afternoon because we were going to be out of town that week before. We know Saturday wasn’t ideal for some ghosts and goblins, so what we are going to do is have an encore  night, TONIGHT! But this time it will have to be by appointment and there is no early buy in opportunity. BUT, $18.99 is still a screamingly scary good deal for the best Halloween portraits you can get! Give us a call or even send us a text with a time you want to stop by! We’ll be here for your appointment!  Tell a friend, these turn out great! All ages are welcome! Watch our site later today for fun Halloween images we got on Saturday!

Spots are limited, we can only offer so many spots for today’s holiday.   Call immediately,  as soon as you read this, NOW!  See you then!


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