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How cute is this girl inside and out? We’ve gotten to know Tiffany really well sine she is one of our senior models and we put her to work at our workshop this summer.

We loved her session, she turned out a great senior portrait experience and I am so happy to have these images to show off! :) Here are some of the results from her indoor/studio session.

Thanks friends!


Here in a few minutes, Hanna and her mom will be coming back in for their sales session for Hanna’s Class of 2011 senior portraits. With graduation just around the corner, we are glad they booked us! Hanna came in for an outdoor and studio session. The weather gave us grief that day, but we made it work and Hanna has some beautiful images to prove it! Hanna has been a Cheerleader for the Bear River High School Bears, and is now on her way to graduation. We are excited for her. Congratulations to you, thanks for coming in and we loved taking your senior portraits!


We were excited to hear from Emily O. of Logan and the Sky View High School area. We enjoyed photographing her sister Kyla a little while back for her senior portraits – as well as getting them a family session back then too! Emily works over in Logan, in that plaza by the north Walmart. Her job is receptionist at Samson & Delilah’s Salon, Spa and Beauty Supply. We were over there last week taking portraits of their stylists. Good stuff! They have a super professional crew over there. Go check them out and tell them we said hi!

So we did the basic studio session with Emily for her 2011 senior session and then we played a little bit. I’m glad we did. We ended up with a really fun portrait that we will probably get a lot of mileage out of! We have already put this on our website main page. So if you have seen it already, this is Emily!

Thank you to Tamara and Emily coming to us over here in Garland. I know it might be a bit of an inconvenience coming over to our small town, but hopefully we made it worth your time and you love your images! I know I do! Emily is a doll. You cats make cute kittens!



We are happy to have Hayley on board as one of our Steve Harrington Photography models for the Class of 2012. She is on the drill team at Box Elder High School. We are looking forward to working with her more, I have no doubt we will make some beautiful images as a team. In face, we already have!

We had a fun new networking project with some client of ours-¬† Melanie Myers and Mickie Petersen run a small business together called Two Sisters Miche Bags. Make sure you check out their Facebook page. If you love purses, you’ll love these bags!

So here is Hayley. You will definitely be seeing more images of her, and our other models, through the coming weeks.

We are still accepting applications for those who want to be a model for us, or if you just want an early bonus on your senior portraits, find one of our models! They have exclusive cards to give out that will get you in here free! If you know you want your senior portraits taken from us for Class of 2012, go ahead and find out more from them.

Thanks for reading our blog and welcome abroad Hayley! – Shelley

Lisha – Senior

September 23, 2008

¬†Lisha got all excited when I told her to watch our blog, because she’d be on here soon. *Waves to Lisha* – Yes dahling, this means we are ready for you to come in!

Lisha came to us straight from Clearfield. Thats a long trek! Thank you, thank you! We appreciate your faith in us. I think you’ll be very happy with your senior portraits.

We had a great time and here are a couple of previews!

Thanks again and Peace! Steve will be calling you.




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