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It’s time for a model call out!!! Clients present and past, if you have been to us, we are looking for a few models to participate in photo shoots with us the eve of Jan 30 and Feb 1. We are bringing in a group of hair and make-up artists, and we shall play! We are looking for the age range of ladies 15-25. Mostly head-shot sessions.
Our favorites will be posted on our website and here on Facebook. Limited spots, put your name in the hat. Class of 2013 we are looking for you too! 435-452-1952

Check out our website/blog post from the last time we did this.

And here is Chelbie, one of our Class of 2012 models for Steve Harrington Photography. She’s use to living in small towns, as she is also familiar with life in Soda Springs, Idaho and now she’s here in Garland, Utah going to school at Bear River High School.

We had a great day with her and she’s a great girl! Chelbie can get you an exclusive discount on your senior portraits with us until June 1st. So if you know this gal, you might want to talk to her about it. We did let her know that are totally up to heading up to Soda Springs for a day.

Thanks Chelbie for coming to us, we will have a great time!

Jenny J is another Malad High School girlfriend. We did an indoor/outdoor session with her. The first part she came to our studio, then we scheduled an afternoon to go to Malad to get some images with her in her stompin’ grounds. Fun stuff! We hope this is a new trend that we will be seeing more seniors from there! We would love to have a 2010 senior model from there.

So here are a couple of favorites of mine. Jenny had the coolest formal dress! It matched her eyes perfectly and was so fun to photograph!

Thanks Jenny, and mom! As promised, Steve will be calling you today. Thanks again!


Jenny, Malad, Idaho

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