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We photographed these massage professionals for their graduation announcements. They belong to class #28 of the Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy. We are extra proud to have our daughter in this group. Morgan has been burning the midnight oil, driving to Ogden several times a week, on top of working her full-time job for a year now to become licensed as a massage therapist. We are so happy to see her meet her goal! We are even more excited to be able to offer to set her up in the studio once or twice a month to be offering massages here in our area! It will be super convenient for those interested as we will have the studio closed and empty for her to offer her clients the peace and quiet they deserve while getting the best massage of your life! Be watching. We will offer up details once she gets her business practice underway.

Congratulations to all the ladies here! We feel like we know you after hearing Morgan talk about school for the past year! Best of luck to your future!

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