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I know it wasn’t that long ago that Blake was here at our place, getting his senior portraits taken. Time does fly! Now he’s heading out on his mission.  I believe Steve told me he was headed to Brazil soon. (I’ll come back and fix that if I’m wrong!)

We were happy to get a call from his mom for his missionary portraits. We wish you safe travels, Blake! Keep smiling and thank you!

Blake - Missionary Portrait

Here’s another recent bigger family who visited our studio recently. They are all sorts of busy, including preparing to send a missionary off. Here are some images from that day. Check out this handsome/gorgeous group.

Thank you, Shuman’s and family!! We are ready for you! Steve should be calling you soon, maybe he did already. Happy holidays!



Less than a year ago we were taking Spencer’s senior portraits, and now he’s preparing to head out. Time flies. These are some of our favorite family people here. Thanks Spencer and stay safe wherever you may go!


Steve Harrington Photography


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