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That’s probably an overused term anymore, but it’s true, I love Facebook. It’s done a lot for connecting us with family, clients and friends. I love the creators at Facebook and how they seem to have just enough OCD in them that they are continually making changes. Once the two weeks goes by and people stop crying about change, you see that they are really working on things for the better! My newest love is the timeline on the personal pages. The business pages don’t reflect this change, I’m not sure if it ever will. I think it’s a great step, because in a glance you can define whether you are looking at a personal users page, or if you’ve came across a business page. Along with this new Facebook Timeline – you get to display an awesome image banner on the top of your page. With this comes the fact that many people will be putting up images that are WAY too small for this, and they’ll see their photos promptly look like warm photo death. That’s where my divine expertise (ok, that’s a stretch) comes in! I know the size needed, I have a ton of great stock images and graphic work because I am a digital hoarder (I knew it would come in handy sooner or later…) and I can put these together fairly quickly and efficiently. I’m here to share these! Our website and © are on the photo, we just ask that you don’t remove that. A little recognition for a cool image you can use is all we ask.

So if you love Facebook like I love Facebook, you’ll know that there is talk they will be merging everyone over to the new Facebook Timeline pages soon enough. You’ve probably already seen plenty. I have had mine set up for awhile. Once they make the change, you won’t have to do a thing, you’ll just log in one day and see the new changes. (This is the information I am seeing, it may or may not be accurate.)

The first thing you will want to do is find a cool new Facebook Cover Photo! Go to our Facebook Business Page and “like” us, then look for our Facebook album markedFacebook Cover Photos – Free! Use as many as you want and use often! Check back, we will add to this as we come across things we like. There is something for everyone in there already! Below is a gallery of samples. In Facebook, you will be able to click on your favorite, right click on it, save to your computer and then load it to your personal page, easy as can be! Enjoy!


Please email us for more information. We limit to 30 guests and we have a record for selling out! Blackout restrictions will apply so you will need to contact us for more information and details about our 4th annual workshop. This one is one you surely won’t forget! We are excited!

Don’t forget! If you  have questions, please give us a call before the deadline! Again we remind you:  if you plan on getting your senior portraits taken by us during your senior year, this will be your biggest savings available. Plus you get the perk of being entered in our Park City Workshop modeling contest. How fun would it be to have some of your senior portraits done in Park City? On us!

Call us or text us with questions:

 All the details are here!

Thanks again! We look forward to a great year!


Steve Harrington Photography – Garland Utah


The time is drawing near! We wanted to make sure all of our blog readers catch the deadline of our Class of 2010 Model contest. April 15th, 2009. All early entrants will be our models, we are also taking 2 girls and 1 boy to Park City with us for our photography workshop in June.  Read all the details HERE

Again we will remind you, if you plan on getting your senior portraits taken by us for your senior year. Entering right now will also ensure the biggest savings available to you! Our deadline is firm. April 15th, 2009. Please call or text us with any questions. (435) 452.1952

Time is running out so don’t delay! We look forward to working with all of you. The class of 2010 is going to rock!


More from Vegas

January 14, 2009

The main reason we went to Vegas was for SPA Event. It’s an organization of extremely talented photographers from around the nation. I’ve mentioned this before but, Steve was asked to be one of their fashion shooters during the event. Our job was to photograph one of the winning models that they brought in. This is Kaleigh, from Georgia. We were paired up with her for a few hours. She modeled for us while groups of photographers at the event came to our area and took images of her as well. And just so you know, it does get cold in Vegas! Wow! We had a challenge upon us trying to shoot outside the hotel this day. Kaleigh was an incredible sport and we got some really great images of her.

Being asked to be a fashion shooter for this event, it was an experience we won’t soon forget. The day we did this just happened to be Steve’s birthday! And later on, the whole crew sang happy birthday to him.(I had nothing to do with that, blame goes to some of our SPA buddies.)

Here are some of my favorite images of Kaleigh. Thanks for looking!

red rock

red rock lobby



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