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Camee’s Studio Headshot

April 25, 2011

Camee joined us in the studio for a headshot session. We were happy to help them get what they needed for a portrait. She’s very photogenic and we hope to see her again! Thanks for coming in ladies!

Behold, the Marsh Sibs!

October 14, 2009

I mentioned it once, I’ll mention it twice – Them Marsh kids are some of our favorite people. They have really cool names too! Devanne doesn’t have a chance with these two little brothers, I know. But we have some fun things in store for her this November, that should make up for it! She (and her parents) will be going with us to model at a workshop, maybe we’ll make Shane model too since he’s there, you never know.  Devanne also has a birthday around the corner and we have some fun things planned with that.

Here’s to Jeannie for cutting our hair well enough that we still consider her a great friend, with great kids. Only one child lost a thumb while they were here. Themz pretty good odds!

So here’s some of my favorite stuff. Expect to see Devanne on here quite a bit more. She’s a great sport! She’s helped us quite a bit this year already!

utah portrait pictures 03

utah portrait pictures 04

utah portrait pictures 01

utah portrait pictures 02

Kaden is a Rockstar

February 24, 2009

I like Kaden, because he lets me pick on him a little without getting too irritated. I wish I could say the same about his mom. *teehee* jk – his mom and I go way back, so I can get away with saying stuff like this.

So yeah, Kaden needed an updated picture to replace the “smiley face post-it note image” in the family room. I heard all about it. Glad we were here to help him out and divert the family from certain tragedy. We’ll have him back in a year when he’s a senior at Bear River High and we’ll take some bada$$ skateboarding shots for him. I’m counting down the days for that. Those are fun.

Thank you to the rockstar Kaden, and Heidi and friend Nick. See you soon!


kaden portrait

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