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October 12, 2015 beginning at 7:00 PM – We will be doing student portraits again at discount prices. We will have our studio open to students of all ages, including pre-school age. You can come shop local to get your yearly school picture done at a higher quality than you will find with the contract chains the schools hire.

We base all the packages on 1 pose, completely retouched, edited and color enhanced. We also have plenty of backgrounds available so that we can match clothing easily. If you want each of your kids to have a different background, that is totally doable. We will also have discounted prices for families with more than 1 child.

Class pictures with class! Call to book an appointment and make sure you tell your friends. Payment is due the at the time of the session. You can text us a time and we can verify if we don’t answer the call. 435-452-1952

These pictures make great Christmas gifts for family members!

Share this post and get the same pricing as last year, thanks!

-Steve Harrington Photography
Garland, Utah



Prices are as follows: Please make sure you share this with a friend to get the current pricing!


The student portraits prints are here! We will quality-check and assemble them tomorrow, then start calling. Or call us starting Weds the 30th of Oct and let us know when you want to come grab them! They all turned out great and we will be putting the facebook images up this week as well. Thanks! Remember to mark your calendar for next year. You deserve to have great portraits of your students. 435-452-1952


Check out these great looking locals!


Hi Guys! Sorry, sometimes I am guilty of updating our Facebook page and not updating our blog with upcoming specials.

We WILL be having our student portrait sale again!

We will be doing our Student Portraits again this year at the studio. We do them in October to give you time to recoup from school shopping and school fees.
If you want a high quality ‘school picture’ rather than the chain companies that the schools hire, these are for you. We have great pricing for these. Don’t go without! More information coming soon.

We are doing the student studio portraits again this year. We will open up our studio for a week to a portrait set up for students of all ages. It’s class pictures with class. :) What week works best for the majority? Check our Facebook business page for the poll. And please only vote if you have strong intentions of coming in. Please pass it on to your friends! We had a few people bummed that they didn’t know about it last year.

What am I talking about, you ask? We do class pictures here at the studio, rather than you sending your kid to school with a check and a prayer that they’ll come home with a quality portrait. Come in, take 5 minutes and get what you want! Its a great deal!

Check out our results from last year:

We have the student portrait package prints in and ready to be distributed. We will start calling/texting people to let them know it time to pick up orders. If you see this message before we get in touch with you, please give us a call and you can swing by and pick them up! For those who paid the extra to have them shipped, you should easily see these in your mail by the end of the week.

I have to say they all turned out so great! I can’t pick a favorite from the bunch! We have the cutest clients around! It’s fun to put them on the computer for people, but seeing these in print just made me go “wow!!!”  Keep this event in mind for every school season, I have no doubt we will be doing these again. We will block off a week for special pricing, it will be up to you to make sure you come in that week.

This is the link to where you can see the examples!

Thanks again!



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