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It’s time for a model call out!!! Clients present and past, if you have been to us, we are looking for a few models to participate in photo shoots with us the eve of Jan 30 and Feb 1. We are bringing in a group of hair and make-up artists, and we shall play! We are looking for the age range of ladies 15-25. Mostly head-shot sessions.
Our favorites will be posted on our website and here on Facebook. Limited spots, put your name in the hat. Class of 2013 we are looking for you too! 435-452-1952

Check out our website/blog post from the last time we did this.

We’ve had a great time getting to know Whitney and her family. Whitney is one of our senior models from the class of 2012 for Steve Harrington Photography. She represents us well in Box Elder High School where she is a cheerleader.  You will see her images all over our site, we’ve done cheer pictures for her before as well as took her to be a model for us for our Utah workshop when she earned a position to be there.

Here are a couple of favorites from her studio and outdoor senior session.  Thank you Whitney for coming to spend your time with us! We look forward to working with you more!

Devanne is another terrific addition to our senior model program for the class of 2012. Bear River High School is her location. We’ve photographed her for quite some time. We’ve done a sweet 16 party for her and even had her family bring her to Idaho for one of our workshop moments as our model. So it’s fair to say she’s comfortable with us in front of the camera, and that’s what makes her images amazing!

Her mom is our favorite hairdresser from Possibilities in Tremonton. She’s cur out hair for years as well as had a BBQ with us a time or two. My dog tried to bite Drake’s face off once, but we don’t want to talk about that. :) We are all still friends and that’s what matters!

Devanne’s senior pictures are going to rock this year! We will photograph her in our Garland studio as well as to some outdoor location shoots.

Mom might freak out because she’s all grown up. But I love this shot, it’s a fashion thing and we love it! We are excited to bring her and our other models in for various shoots through the year.

Thanks for reading our blog! – Shelley H

A Sneak Peak

November 11, 2010

The fun thing about us creative types: when we are blessed with doing this full-time, we are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas. Kimee is our BRHS senior model for class of 2011. What that translates into is we call her in and *experiment* if you will, when we have something on our brains. This is only the beginning but I am putting a sneak peak out there for our blog followers and also for Kimee’s mom, Cindy, because she couldn’t be in the studio with us that day. Thanks for letting us borrow her, Cindy. Kimee is great, and bouncy! :)

Stay tuned, we are beginning a new line of studio composites for all of our sports, dance, hobby-prone seniors. They will be unique and will not be duplicated easily by anyone! It’s all about treating each session like a unique one. That’s what we do!

While I have your attention about senior modeling, we are revamping our program for the Class of 2012 and it will be here before you know it! Let me make sure it’s clear as I think there was some confusion last year – Our model program is not *free* – you have to prepay for a session, because we sort of need you to commit to coming to us. :) Options we are working on is a big referral bonus. If you refer 5 of your friends to us for a session, you will be going to Park City, regardless of our contest. You will be an automatic winner. We may end up taking a bunch of girls this year, but that’s a risk we shall take! It’s too fun not to participate.

Thanks again, Kimee! I hope your arm heals and your bruises fade.


Haley came in for her senior portraits. We recognize her from girl’s softball this past spring. I honestly remember thinking ‘Aww, she’s cute, I’d love for us to do her senior pictures.’ .. And look what happened! I’ll have to try that again!

Plus, she had the coolest prom dress ever! But I’m going to show you this most favorite one of mine. :) Haley did an indoor session with us.

Thanks Haley and Lori! It’s great to meet new people.

We get very anxious for the new seniors to start rolling in. Taylor is from Weber High School, Class of 2011 and what a way to start off the year! Hockey, motorcycles and a pretty girl! Have we ever mentioned how much we love our job?

Seniors – Call and book today! Don’t settle for anything less! 435-452-1952

Thank you Taylor and mom, we had a great time and I had to come right home and share these 2!

Say hi to Mckinsey! She is a 2009 senior from Box Elder High in Brigham City, Utah. She is getting ready to say good-bye to high school after having a successful h.s. career on their dance team, The Rockettes.

It was so fun to have her here. We turned out some amazing images and McKinsey is a natural beauty in front of the camera!

Thank you so much for giving us your business, it was totally a treat! You’re a doll. Congrats on your pending graduation and we both wish you the best in life!


box elder - mckinsey - utah

mckinsey - Box Elder senior

Haggon is another Bear River High School Senior, about to be set free from his school days.  It’s just around the corner! Anyway, his parents were there during the shoot to keep him under control. Thankfully. He’s dangerous.

So here are a couple of favorites from the studio/outdoor session we did with him and his bike.

Thanks guys! Catch you soon!

Haggon brhs class of 2009

haggon senior motorcycle 2009

Jenny J is another Malad High School girlfriend. We did an indoor/outdoor session with her. The first part she came to our studio, then we scheduled an afternoon to go to Malad to get some images with her in her stompin’ grounds. Fun stuff! We hope this is a new trend that we will be seeing more seniors from there! We would love to have a 2010 senior model from there.

So here are a couple of favorites of mine. Jenny had the coolest formal dress! It matched her eyes perfectly and was so fun to photograph!

Thanks Jenny, and mom! As promised, Steve will be calling you today. Thanks again!


Jenny, Malad, Idaho

Don’t forget! If you  have questions, please give us a call before the deadline! Again we remind you:  if you plan on getting your senior portraits taken by us during your senior year, this will be your biggest savings available. Plus you get the perk of being entered in our Park City Workshop modeling contest. How fun would it be to have some of your senior portraits done in Park City? On us!

Call us or text us with questions:

 All the details are here!

Thanks again! We look forward to a great year!


Steve Harrington Photography – Garland Utah


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