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Dakota visited us for his Senior Pictures this year. He’s a Class of 2013 senior over in the Logan, Utah area. So we are glad he came over the hill! We aren’t so far away, just tucked away in a small town. That usually has it’s advantages.

We did our typical indoor outdoor senior session with him. Great stuff here! Thanks to Dakota and the family for coming over. We appreciate your business and we enjoyed the new connections we made!




We have our class of 2014 link up for model applications! Seems early, yes but we have our methods! We like to get you in early for camera time so we can show you off on our website, blog and facebook. (No this doesn’t mean you have to get your senior pictures taken this early. We take your official senior portraits later in the year.)

Here is the link to our model application, or the link is up top.

Before you fill out the form. Read the instructions, they are easy enough:

This opportunity is not free. You will get a deeply discounted senior session for signing up with us early and reserving your spot. When you fill out the model form, please do it with the understanding that you have talked to your parents about this and we will be contacting you for further information.  We do not turn anyone away. The more you help us, the more we give to you. We often need models for test shoots, this is why we love to gather our pool of seniors early enough to use them for upcoming projects. We have a few models who can say they’ve been published in magazines, trade show posters, displays, online commercials, ads, etc! We always need models but we don’t work for free. We pick from our paying clients.

Tell a friend, you can do this together. This isn’t a competition, so bring your pals! We’ve worked hard over the years to form this into a positive experience for anyone who joins us.  Talk to any of our past models, they’ll tell you we have a good time!

The process is starting now! We are already in the works to bring in a hair and make-up team at the end of January to have our first Class of 2014 play date. We only do the hair and make-up team once for our early sign ups as it takes a bit of organizing and work to put it together, so you’ll want to start now!

For those of you who have already filled out an application. we see you and will get you called soon!

You can text if you have any questions. 435-452-1952. Leave your name so we know who we are talking to.

Our blog here is full of samples of the models and senior reps we’ve worked with. Browse our site and be assured you will be happy with your pictures as well.

Here is a sample of the work we’ve done with the Class of 2013, including our workshops we’ve needed models for.



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