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Well I use to be a good blogger, didn’t I? :) Social media changes your soul.  We are still here taking awesome images for people who call us! We’ve just been forced to re-prioritize our lives lately.. Thanks Obama! (…that’s a total joke, I apologize) But who cares about that small town mumbo jumbo? We want to see pretty pictures, that’s all. #wegetit You know where to find us! Here are some images I never posted on the blog, you may have seen them on Facebook. Make sure you follow as a favorite us if you are there. We are ready to take some mind blowing images for the Class of 2016.

One thing you may want to read is, as priorities have changed, our schedule has tightened down- so- our available days are not as open as they use to be. Call us before you assume we can’t take you in though. Steve’s text/cell – 435-452-1952


Thanks for looking! :)

-Shelley Harrington posting on behalf of Steve Harrington Photography


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Thank you for your participation. Make sure you watch for our day next year. We always schedule it for October and only offer these sales during that day. As stated above, the prints will be in this week.


We took our available Class of 2014 reps out for a bit to get a  group shot, Emphasizing the red white and blue for July. We are patriotic at heart, that’s for sure.

I have put these over on our Facebook page and need to share them here too! Enjoy! We have a great group representing us! Seniors are our “day job” so give us a call to book your senior session. 435-452-1952


Our Sweethearts Valentine Sessions are going to be extended due to this weather. It’s put people back a couple of days, including us I guess! “grin” We are going to book more sessions throughout the next couple of weeks. You just let us know when you want to do it and we’ll book in clusters starting with the first person who calls in to book! Make yourself a date and get an image taken with someone you love.

Read about the original details below.

We’ve worked with this girl enough to know that we adore her. We did some super senior portraits with her as summer came to an end.  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I think I’ve said that to a few of our models recently. It seems to happen every year, so I’m not sure why it surprises me, every year.

Sarah came with us to Wendover as a model, you can search our blog for more images here of Sarah. Our blog is full of her pretty face.

Sarah is a cheerleader from Bear River High School. She’s graceful and poised and cute and funny. I’m so happy we got to know her and her mother through this. We’ve had many fun times, and that’s what it’s all about.Thanks Sarah! We love you like our own!


Let Them Eat Cake

January 26, 2012

Isn’t that the obvious title? I had to.

We love working with businesses to network and do commercial work. It’s all about that big circle of love that brings us into new client’s views. We know the joys and pains of being our own boss, so we invent ideas every day about how to be commercialized!

We’ve done a call-out for wedding cake artists, Doree connected with us from the Salt Lake City area. She makes beautiful cakes and is much like us, very picky about her finished product. So we arranged a photo shoot with cakes. It was a great affair with fondant galore!

Doree now has great studio images for her cakes to display and we have great cake images to use as well! You can see Doree’s talent and business at her website: Ladybug Cakes You’ll see she offers wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, and treats..

Let her know we sent you!

Business owners read this: If you are looking for professional images regarding your business ventures, please give us a call and let’s see what we can work out. We are all about making our local economy stronger. It’s important to us to support each other while we are working throughout this sluggish economy. We can pluck along together and make a difference. 

Thank you Doree for your time. It was great to make a new friend. Here’s to a new business relationship!


Thank you on behalf of Steve Harrington Photography,




We are happy to have Whitney Jeppesen on our model team for Steve Harrington Photography. She is a senior 2012 model for us representing the Box Elder High School area. We enjoyed having her in for a studio session, she is great in front of the camera and takes a great portrait! I loved her silver high heels, they made for some great images. Let me show you my favorite!

If you are a friend of Whitney’s, she is working for us and can get you an exclusive and killer deal, just like all of our 2012 models can. You need to hunt her down and ask her about it! She can fill you in, or you can call us and use her as a referral and “we” can explain the details. It may seem early for 2012 senior portraits, we are actually just offering early sales and then you get your images taken later in the summer/fall. Give us a call or text, give her a call or text. If you’d like to get set up for some great senior portraits, we have you covered!

Thanks Whitney! We look forward to working with you more!


We now have a convenient way to update you on our current specials via text messaging. The only way you can join in is much like an emailing list where you have to enter your information. Opting in will keep you connected to our text specials that we run on our blog as well. If you are on your phone more than your computer and don’t want to miss out on one of our sporadic sales we are known for, this is the thang for you!

Here are the current texting specials with more to come:

  • Texters and moms: Opt in with our kids portrait specials by texting SHPkids and your full name to 77007.  Keep the text as a coupon when you see special offers.

Class of 2012:

Find out how to save$100 on your senior portraits by texting one of our models. (They love the referrals!)

Example:  you would Text SHPJoslyn and your full name to 77007 for details.

Here is a list of our lovely models and their keywords, so you would replace the keyword to your preferred model and friend! This will give them referral credit when you book with us.

  • Joslyn Udy –         SHPjoslyn
  • Abigail Payne –     SHPabby
  • Rebecca Anderson – SHPrebecca
  • Hadlee Boren –     SHPhadlee
  • Devanne Marsh – SHPdevanne
  • Hayley Hardy –    SHPhayley
  • JJ Montgomery – SHPjj
  • Taylor Thompson – SHPtaylor
  • Makenzie Richardson – SHPmakenzie
  • Sadie Smoot –      SHPsadie
  • Bobbie Jo Baker – SHPbobbie
  • Whitney Jeppesen – SHPwhitney
  • Alex Atkinson – SHPalex
  • Maddison Roche – SHPmaddison
  • Chelbie Madson – SHPchelbie
  • Kaycee Nicholas – SHPkaycee
  • McCall Stephensen – SHPmccall
  • Kayli Lowder – SHPkayli
  • Sierra Tilley – SHPsierra
  • Erika Butkovich -SHPerika


Would you like to be a model in the class of 2012? Then you would-  Text SHPmodel12 and your full name to 77007 for details. This will get you to our model application, so if you are reading this from our blog – you can actually find that right HERE. This would be a good link to forward to your friends, we encourage friends to come be models together, that much more fun!

Texting the keywords not case sensitive, we just capped some of the letters for clarity.

Msg & data rates may apply


We have only just begun! Thanks for reading our blog!

Ashlee and Nate

January 2, 2010

Ashlee and Nate are engaged to be married in February! We will be working the photography angle of this terrific event!  We are very excited to be a part of their big day! You will see more of them soon enough!  Here are a few favorites of ours during their engagement images.

Congratulations to the couple and we will talk to you soon!

utah engagement 03

utah engagement 02

utah engagement 01

Portraits for Brandi

January 30, 2009

Brandi came to us from Hill AFB. (How cool is that?!) Brandi and her husband are full time Air Force and it sounds like they haven’t seen each other much lately with their busy careers, so she wanted to get some portraits taken for her main man. She’s a dog handler in the AF. (How cool is that?!) Steve is a former Air Force man, so he was happy to talk about old times.

Thank you, Brandi, for coming to see us. I missed seeing you that day of your shoot but I look forward to meeting you when you come in to see your previews.

– Shelley

2 of my favorites:



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