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We’ve been doing this whole photography gig for awhile now, but this session was the first time we had a surprise marriage proposal. Congrats to the Higley family. We are excited you chose to pop the question here! We are even happier we got pictures of it!


If ever there was a cute family full of girls, the Curtis family is a great example. They joined us recently for an updated family portrait. Bryant is the boss man at Ace Hardware in Tremonton, Utah.  Him and his family are a valuable asset to our community, so we are happy to have them in.

The weather has turned rotten, but we have the luxury of a great family sized studio. We are professional photographers, so lighting and posing is part of the package when you come in to see us! Enjoy your family time, we’ll do the rest!

A huge thanks to the Curtis Family for coming in.



Steve Harrington Photography

Garland, Utah 435-452-1952

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