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Alli – The fairy princess!

February 2, 2010

Alli came in with her mom so she could have her very own Magical Forest Session. She did such a great job and we had such a fun time. She’s completely adorable!

See you guys soon! Thank you so much for coming in! – Shelley


Behold, the Marsh Sibs!

October 14, 2009

I mentioned it once, I’ll mention it twice – Them Marsh kids are some of our favorite people. They have really cool names too! Devanne doesn’t have a chance with these two little brothers, I know. But we have some fun things in store for her this November, that should make up for it! She (and her parents) will be going with us to model at a workshop, maybe we’ll make Shane model too since he’s there, you never know.  Devanne also has a birthday around the corner and we have some fun things planned with that.

Here’s to Jeannie for cutting our hair well enough that we still consider her a great friend, with great kids. Only one child lost a thumb while they were here. Themz pretty good odds!

So here’s some of my favorite stuff. Expect to see Devanne on here quite a bit more. She’s a great sport! She’s helped us quite a bit this year already!

utah portrait pictures 03

utah portrait pictures 04

utah portrait pictures 01

utah portrait pictures 02

Shauni was in for some portraits. Her family bought her a gift certificate and presented it to her for her birthday. We are glad this is what she wanted! We turned out some killer stuff. Shauni is a sophomore cheerleader at Bear River High School. She has graced our website with her cute face before during family pictures. Hopefully she will be a familar fave on here through the next few years!

Thanks Shauni. It was fun to get to know you. Steve should be calling you very very soon!

Two of my favorites.

Shauni Utah portraits

Shauni studio portrait

More beautiful family portraits are now gracing our blog and website! Eames family came in for an updated family portrait. The tentative plan was to do an outdoor session, but the weather decided differently! We had plenty of room for the in the studio and I think this shot turned out spectacular!  We loved the color coordination and black has always been my first choice,  so this was perfect!

Thank you to the Eames family. It was nice having you here! You have a gorgeous family!

Utah family pictures - 05/09

Stocking Family Portraits

January 20, 2009

Utah has some cute families. We are glad they come to us for family portraits! Here’s an image from their session.

Thanks for coming in!


Brough Family Portraits

January 13, 2009

We left 2008 with a bang! Brough’s family of 46 were together for the holidays and found it the best, and only, time to get a family portrait taken of them all in the same room! Gorgeous, fun family! We were happy to have them here.

We appreciate your patience with us during the crazy holiday season and our Vegas trip that came right after your session. I can now tell you we are home, back to work and Steve will be calling you this week.

Thanks again and here’s the portrait of the whole Brough crew!

Brough Family Picture

Here’s another recent bigger family who visited our studio recently. They are all sorts of busy, including preparing to send a missionary off. Here are some images from that day. Check out this handsome/gorgeous group.

Thank you, Shuman’s and family!! We are ready for you! Steve should be calling you soon, maybe he did already. Happy holidays!



Toone Family Portraits

December 1, 2008

 Here is another cute family portrait session.  I guess when you work between Nicki and Jeannie at the salon, you’re bound to hear about us, or see our work, sooner or later.

Here are 2 images from the portrait session. There were several cute family moments during this session, but I can’t post them all!

Thanks for looking!


Steve Harrington Photography



Recent Family Favorites

November 22, 2008

I just updated our website gallery with family portraits we have taken recently. I’m blogging a few of our favorites before I get behind! Thanks for looking! And thanks to the great families that have visited us this year. We appreciate you!

Shelley and Steve

Steve Harrington Photography





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