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We always get so excited when we pull seniors in from different areas. This is definitely one to remember! Allyson and her mom and sister traveled 4 hours from Vernal just for us. That’s cool! Allyson is a dancer from Uintah Highschool. (Go U’ettes!)  She definitely holds the record! We had a great time and she came all prepared with her favorite outfits, her sports gear and her dance gear, including one unicycle. How fun is that? No, I didn’t attempt to ride it, although the thought passed through my head.

So anyway, here are some sample of her session. The weather has been so nice, we really need to be out shooting more seniors during this Indian summer we are having. If someone is willing to travel 4 hours for us, I’m thinking our locals better quit procrastinating and get in here! *grin* This weather is totally perfect for some killer outdoor sessions. Check out Allyson’s outdoor shot. Wow!

Ok guys and gals, have a great Halloween weekend! I love this time of year!

Allyson, you are too cute. You take a great portrait. Thank you for coming to little ol’ Garland, Utah. We are thrilled you found us! Stay happy! We will be in touch.


Steve Harrington Photography




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