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Magical Forest Sessions

February 13, 2011

Some of our favorite kid’s sessions would be our Magical Forest Sessions.

It’s Magical Forest Session time!

These sessions are the most fun for your children. Give us a call, we have room for you. 30 minute sessions will give you a lifetime of joy! We only do these once every month, sometimes every 2 months, depending. Call us 435-452-1952.

We do have several ping pong balls with coupons attached to them from the December drop in Tremonton. Now is the time to use them!

The cost is $49.99 which will include the session fee and one 5×7 as well as 1 web-sized image we give you for Facebook or your blog. This is due upon scheduling, we are happy to take a credit card. This will truly be a favorite family heirloom. What little girl doesn’t want the chance to be a fairy princess? What boy doesn’t want to be a fisherman in a magical pond? For the girls, bring their favorite dance costume, or a leotard, we have skirts and headbands available.

Join us for our Magical Forest Session on February Second

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