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Call and book your Saturday Appointment today! We are only doing this 1 day and there are limited time slots for this day. 435-452-1952

Have you ever wanted ‘just one’ really nice portrait of you and your sweetheart?
We are here to create the perfect, painless Valentine’s gift for you. If you are a couple,
you qualify!  So if needed, find a babysitter and come create a great studio
image. Images are color-corrected and enhanced which the ladies love,
in a brief 20 minute session that the men will love too.

This is also perfect for engaged couples!


Bench Couple

March 16, 2012

Cute couple with quite the story! Newlyweds. She is in the Navy, he is in the Air Force. Kansas is in San Diego, Jordan was stationed in Italy at the time we took these portraits. Jordan is from here so I assume they were home visiting family and they called in to get portraits done while they are together.

We thank them both for coming. It’s probably a great memento to have when you are so far apart from each other.


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