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We recently put on our fourth annual senior photography workshop for guests all over the country, and even one dude from Canada. What a great time! We loved every minute of it and proceeded to wear ourselves right out! Mission accomplished! A big thank you to all of those who made it happen and helped us make this our best event yet!

Thank you to all of our amazing models (and moms and dads) who made this year so perfect too! Hayley, Sadie, Joslyn, Whitney, Makenzie, Craig, and Chloe. Seriously, you rocked it!  If you are wanting your senior portraits done for the Class of 2012, just talk to one of our Utah girls and they can tell you all about how we can give you an experience you will never forget! We are having our last 12 hour sale for the year on June 24th. Don’t miss out. Great images that won’t break the bank!

We started planning next year already while we were there! Here are some images. Enjoy and come back for more, we will be putting them up as time goes! Back to work!

Truly grateful for great friends and connections – Shelley (and Steve)


We can officially announce that we’ve been asked to speak  at WPPI in Vegas – 2010! This is a huge honor for us as many of our mentors have spoken there. Now I guess it’s our turn!!! WOO HOO! Steve will bespeaking on high school seniors!

We’d like to thank all the little people.. HAHA! That was a total joke, of course.We are flattered, honored, humbled and grateful. This is a big deal for us and marks a huge milestone in our careers as a professional photography business. ( It’s not as easy as one may think! ) Big kudos go out to Steve for taking us there, because heaven knows I wouldn’t be doing anything like this on my own. He’s the man! Northern Utah is incredibly fortunate to have his talents in their backyard!

Thanks and stay tuned for more images! – Shelley

P/S – Oh YES!! I forgot to mention. We will be needing to take a model with us for our demonstration. We will be picking a class of 2010 senior who has their senior portraits taken by us. (Book now!) We are still tentatively putting this together but, any Senior that has their images taken with us will qualify.You have to be available to miss a bit of school in March, so keep that in mind! Good luck!

Robyn from Brigham City came up to pay us a visit and get her senior portraits done. She brought her 2 cute babies with her as well so they could share the spotlight with her. We did an indoor/outdoor session and fought the cold a little, but turned out some great stuff! This girl was born to be a model!

Here are a couple of my favorites, the ones with her best friends! You can see more on our facebook business page (we are on a quest for fans!) and/or our myspace page.

Now that the weather is breaking and we are seeing warmer days, we are starting to see the rest of our 2009 clients booking. So it’s not too late, but it will be as soon as we fill up! Please call or text us today to reserve your spot before graduation! It’s just around the corner! We are looking forward to sharing our spring senior images with you! Keep checking back!

Thank you to Robyn! You make our job easy. You are beautiful! Happy spring!



Where did the summer go? Wow! We’ve hit a lot of milestones this year with the new studio, a record number of seniors and weddings, and professional accomplishments in our business. So we thought we’d take a minute of your time to update you on our progress. ok? ok!

First off-  Yes, the weather is changing and outdoor time is going to be a challenge soon. So – If you are still intending on getting your senior portraits done with us, we highly, highly suggest you call right now. Reasons: Our minimums increase after the first of the year, and spring is way too unpredictable to accommodate too many last minute calls for senior sessions. Right now the grass is still green and the weather is still fair. Spring will be dull and gray – and if you recall last Spring, we didn’t even see warm temps until late May to early June. So here’s your wake-up call to get on in here for some spectacular senior pictures during the best time of the year!

Second – We’ve grown into our new studio and can accommodate large groups indoors. Fall is for families! Our deadline for family portraits being back in time for Christmas is set for November 15th. We have a few spots available. We totally understand how hard it is for families to get together during the week – we are available on Saturdays – and we make ourselves available on Sundays through this season.

Third – I have to brag on my husband’s accomplishments this year. We just surpassed our first year as full time in the photography business. Although Steve has been at photography for many years, being full time is a great accomplishment for him. Steve has won numerous awards within this year. And who knew he’d be the bomb at public speaking? We put on our first photography workshop in June in Salt Lake City, which was terrific! And recently, we’ve been asked to speak at 2 major events for photographers. We will be flying to Nashville soon, and we are taking a local girl to model for us. We are teaching 2 classes while we are there and speaking at the event with 200 photographers in the audience. We’ve also been asked to be a fashion shooter for an event in Las Vegas in January in front of  approx 500 photographers. This is huge for us. HUGE!  Many of the photographers we will be shooting with, we have looked upon as inspiration. We are so grateful for this opportunity. Life is good!

Last but not least – 2009 Seniors and Past Seniors- if you’ve read this far, you need to keep reading! We will be taking one of our clients with us for a modeling session that we are having with a group of photo buddies while we are in Las Vegas. We need a model. And we are only taking a Steve Harrington Photography client. We are opening this up to any senior from the past 2 years, as well as 2009 seniors. You need to be available around the first week in January 2009. If you are interested, drop us an email. Do not send an inquiry unless you know you can be available that week. If you are a 2009 senior who is under 18, you will need to take a parent. We will need a strong commitment immediately or we will move onto the next girl/guy on our list. We are just getting this organized now, so details are subject to change. But we will be taking someone with us to Vegas in January. Who wants to go? Email us at or or give us a call.

We appreciate all of our loyal clients.  Thank you for your support. We are only as good as our clients, and we know our clients are the best!


We just got back from Tucson AZ from an intense senior seminar. This was a workshop with the industry’s leading photographers. They used our image of Tara and her horse, Cowboy, for their postcard mailer. This was sent to hundreds of photographers around the nation. We were honored!

The week was amazing!! We had a great time, met many new friends and found out that there is sun somewhere on the planet in January!

These are the steps we take to continue to grow as professionals and set us apart. Everything we learned, we will apply to our business.

I’d like to give a shout out to all the new friends we made. You guys are amazing!

Here are a few of the images we created while we were there. These models are typical high school seniors who won the modeling competition with this organization. 15 winners were chosen and they won an all expense paid trip to be models for a week.

To the class of 2009 who will be getting their senior portraits taken by us: if you are interested in applying for the modeling competition with us, contact us for more information. There is an entry fee and the deadline is early. More information will be posted soon. Enjoy!







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