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Small Business Saturday is an event we qualify for. Do you? Register your American Express Card for Saturday and save yourself $25. We will be having sales on Saturday. The bonus is if you use your (registered) American Express Card – you

will have yourself a $25 rebate on your Amex bill! Visit will post the sales on our website blog soon. Don’t miss out on a great way to save $25 on a local small business, hopefully ours!!


Call us at 435-452-1952 for questions. Sales posted below!
Saturday – November 24th, 2012 Monday November 26th

Here’s what we have lined up for those of you who call. We have set up several fun and different offers with our clients in mind.  These also make great Christmas gifts. Please specify what sale you want when you call. All Small Business Saturday sales and Cyber Monday sales must be purchased during the phonecall, have your credit card ready!

  • $40 Business Headshots – Regular price $200.00 Includes a high resolution image on a disk for you to use on business cards, ads, newspapers and websites. Must be photographed in December. Your appointment must be prepaid and booked, please have your credit card ready. If  you do not have your appointment finalized in December, your $40.00 will be credited towards a regular business headshot session. No refunds. No exceptions.
  • $90.00 Club Tween Studio Sessions. Regular Price $170.00. Regular Package Price $125.00 Includes prints. Ideal for ages 10-14.
  • $50.00 off your 2013 Bridal Session. Regular price is $350.00 and includes Wall Portrait, display prints and Facebook image.
  • $60.00 off your 2013 engagement session. Regular package price is $260.00 and includes prints, newspaper announcement, and Facebook image.

And finally our Gift Certificates!  This is the lowest we will go! Use them the next day, or the next year! Our Gift certificates will not expire for at least 5 years, and they only expire after that because that’s what the law says has to happen. One per client session.

  • $10.00 will get you a $20.00 gift Certificate
  • $50.00 will get you a $75.00 gift certificate.
  • $200.00 will get you a $275.00 gift certificate.

Call and/or text us with questions. But definitely call us on November 26th on our business cell – 435-452-1952

These prices are for new sessions only. They cannot be combined with other offers. Of course some restrictions may apply here, just give us a call and we’ll talk about all the details. We love our job and we love to work with people to get them the best images for their budget. Remember, these prices are only good for Saturday the 24th and Monday the 26th 2012.


We’ve worked with this girl enough to know that we adore her. We did some super senior portraits with her as summer came to an end.  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I think I’ve said that to a few of our models recently. It seems to happen every year, so I’m not sure why it surprises me, every year.

Sarah came with us to Wendover as a model, you can search our blog for more images here of Sarah. Our blog is full of her pretty face.

Sarah is a cheerleader from Bear River High School. She’s graceful and poised and cute and funny. I’m so happy we got to know her and her mother through this. We’ve had many fun times, and that’s what it’s all about.Thanks Sarah! We love you like our own!


We are doing the student studio portraits again this year. We will open up our studio for a week to a portrait set up for students of all ages. It’s class pictures with class. :) What week works best for the majority? Check our Facebook business page for the poll. And please only vote if you have strong intentions of coming in. Please pass it on to your friends! We had a few people bummed that they didn’t know about it last year.

What am I talking about, you ask? We do class pictures here at the studio, rather than you sending your kid to school with a check and a prayer that they’ll come home with a quality portrait. Come in, take 5 minutes and get what you want! Its a great deal!

Check out our results from last year:

Doree T came back and took advantage of our Business Headshot special. We have made a great business connection with her and her cake business. is where you can find her work and some of our product shots for her.

And what great clients do we get that she brought us a sample of her talent? I was so excited! Here is the image of the cake. The top is “Italian Creme” and the bottom is “To die for, Vanilla.” It’s too pretty to eat, so I haven’t yet, but I plan on sharing it with my family this week when they come for dinner. I just have to keep Steve out of it until then.

A big shout of to one of our favorite stylists, Kayla Bingham for being available to do Doree’s hair and make up for her shoot. Kayla works at No Limits Studio here in Tremonton.

Check out the great work here! Thanks, Doree! We always appreciate people who like our work enough to drive that far. We work hard to make it worth your time. I love the way this turned out.

Good luck and best wishes! -Shelley


Bench Couple

March 16, 2012

Cute couple with quite the story! Newlyweds. She is in the Navy, he is in the Air Force. Kansas is in San Diego, Jordan was stationed in Italy at the time we took these portraits. Jordan is from here so I assume they were home visiting family and they called in to get portraits done while they are together.

We thank them both for coming. It’s probably a great memento to have when you are so far apart from each other.


That’s probably an overused term anymore, but it’s true, I love Facebook. It’s done a lot for connecting us with family, clients and friends. I love the creators at Facebook and how they seem to have just enough OCD in them that they are continually making changes. Once the two weeks goes by and people stop crying about change, you see that they are really working on things for the better! My newest love is the timeline on the personal pages. The business pages don’t reflect this change, I’m not sure if it ever will. I think it’s a great step, because in a glance you can define whether you are looking at a personal users page, or if you’ve came across a business page. Along with this new Facebook Timeline – you get to display an awesome image banner on the top of your page. With this comes the fact that many people will be putting up images that are WAY too small for this, and they’ll see their photos promptly look like warm photo death. That’s where my divine expertise (ok, that’s a stretch) comes in! I know the size needed, I have a ton of great stock images and graphic work because I am a digital hoarder (I knew it would come in handy sooner or later…) and I can put these together fairly quickly and efficiently. I’m here to share these! Our website and © are on the photo, we just ask that you don’t remove that. A little recognition for a cool image you can use is all we ask.

So if you love Facebook like I love Facebook, you’ll know that there is talk they will be merging everyone over to the new Facebook Timeline pages soon enough. You’ve probably already seen plenty. I have had mine set up for awhile. Once they make the change, you won’t have to do a thing, you’ll just log in one day and see the new changes. (This is the information I am seeing, it may or may not be accurate.)

The first thing you will want to do is find a cool new Facebook Cover Photo! Go to our Facebook Business Page and “like” us, then look for our Facebook album markedFacebook Cover Photos – Free! Use as many as you want and use often! Check back, we will add to this as we come across things we like. There is something for everyone in there already! Below is a gallery of samples. In Facebook, you will be able to click on your favorite, right click on it, save to your computer and then load it to your personal page, easy as can be! Enjoy!


If ever there was a cute family full of girls, the Curtis family is a great example. They joined us recently for an updated family portrait. Bryant is the boss man at Ace Hardware in Tremonton, Utah.  Him and his family are a valuable asset to our community, so we are happy to have them in.

The weather has turned rotten, but we have the luxury of a great family sized studio. We are professional photographers, so lighting and posing is part of the package when you come in to see us! Enjoy your family time, we’ll do the rest!

A huge thanks to the Curtis Family for coming in.



Steve Harrington Photography

Garland, Utah 435-452-1952


We wre thrilled to have in for her senior portraits this season. Abby is from Rock Springs, Wyoming. Her mom and dad and herself made a day trip out of coming to get her senior portraits done. We are so glad they did. We had a great time and turned out way too many terrific images of her. which is the idea. Abby is the football manager for her varsity football team.A big thanks to Abby for finding us on the world wide web and choosing us! It takes a bit of faith to travel that far for a photographer, so we appreciate the trust and we hope you love your senior portraits as much as we do! Keep smiling and a huge ‘thank you!’




We’ve had a great time getting to know Whitney and her family. Whitney is one of our senior models from the class of 2012 for Steve Harrington Photography. She represents us well in Box Elder High School where she is a cheerleader.  You will see her images all over our site, we’ve done cheer pictures for her before as well as took her to be a model for us for our Utah workshop when she earned a position to be there.

Here are a couple of favorites from her studio and outdoor senior session.  Thank you Whitney for coming to spend your time with us! We look forward to working with you more!

We photographed these massage professionals for their graduation announcements. They belong to class #28 of the Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy. We are extra proud to have our daughter in this group. Morgan has been burning the midnight oil, driving to Ogden several times a week, on top of working her full-time job for a year now to become licensed as a massage therapist. We are so happy to see her meet her goal! We are even more excited to be able to offer to set her up in the studio once or twice a month to be offering massages here in our area! It will be super convenient for those interested as we will have the studio closed and empty for her to offer her clients the peace and quiet they deserve while getting the best massage of your life! Be watching. We will offer up details once she gets her business practice underway.

Congratulations to all the ladies here! We feel like we know you after hearing Morgan talk about school for the past year! Best of luck to your future!

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