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Cute Maddi is here as our Class of 2012 model with our studio. Maddison is a cheerleader here at our closest local school, Bear River High School. She’ll surely know all of our bad habits soon enough since she will be spending some time with us this year as a model, as well as her family and us being involved in her sister Morgan’s wedding. We will have a lot of face time with her with our camera in tow! We are so excited too! We sure are lucky to have such classy girls helping us this year. If you are one of Maddi’s friends and you plan on having us doing your senior portraits, or any photo work for that matter, get in touch with her and she can give you an exclusive deal as one of our models. If you help her with referrals, that puts her in Wendover with us as our model at the first of June. You don’t have to have your pictures taken right now, just later in the year. You can buy-in your early price right now though. It’s a slick deal!

Our thanks go to Maddison! Get ready for some more great images from this girl.

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