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Sierra is our last official model for the Class of 2012. Our model deadline for the class of 2012 has now passed, but we still have plenty of room to take amazing pictures for the Class of 2012. We are so excited about this coming class! We’ve already been blessed with some amazing seniors with our early sessions.

We actually photographed Sierra’s older sister, Aubrey, for her senior portraits a couple of years ago. It’s nice to see them back! We are looking forward to a great year.

Our models will always have special perks that they can give to their friends as referrals, so make sure you keep updated with Sierra. She can hook you up. :)

Thanks Sierra! It’s great to have you here!

We are excited to offer this to our faithful clients and deeply discount the opportunity for your friends! Let’s change up the formal cap and gown shot with something fun with friends in a studio setting! You only graduate once, chances are you and your friends will part paths between schooling and careers, let us make a great memory for you that you can smile about, forever!

Click here to look at the fun we had last year.

This year we are doing a prepay special of $5 per person. So call us today with a form of payment, or swing by the money before May3oth for the best deal.

Walk in pricing will be $8.00 per person.

All people must pay to be in the picture, unless you are a 2011 Steve Harrington Photography senior. But at this cheap rate, how can  you not take advantage of us?! We l;ove our senior clients, and we even love their friends, so we want to congratulate you with an awesome keepsake.

An RSVP is requested with approx group size before the day of the shoot. You can call or text us (add your name to the text) at 435-452-1952

1 image, our choice – so come in ready to have some fun!

Tell a friend! You can have them text SHPVIP to 77007 for the information if they aren’t on Facebook or don’t use smartphones. Texting the info is easy!

Questions? Call!


Say hello to our little friend, Bobbie Jo! She is from Bear River High School, in Garland Utah. She loves to rodeo and she just earned herself a spot on the Hi-Stepper drill team for her senior year. We congratulate her for that. We are also just happy to have her as part of our high school senior model team. She’s easy going, instantly likable and just fun to be around. We got so many good pictures from her with her first mini session, that I can’t wait until we do more! Bobbie is a doll.

If you are planning on coming to us for senior portraits, and you are Bobbie’s friend. She has an exclusive offer to hand out to friends until June 1st, but you need to contact her and commit before that date. That doesn’t mean you need to get your pictures taken before 6/1 – you just need to lock in the price for your best savings you can get from us – and this comes from our models. It’s our gift to them, to give as a gift to you! It’s good to have friends.

We look forward to showing Bobbie off more!


Abby is going to be highlighted a lot here in the next year as she is a Class of 2012 senior model for Steve Harrington Photography.

We have a fun new program for our models that will be interactive, low-key and ideal for friends to gather together for group shots! We can give you all the details you’d like to know if you contact one of our models or contact us at 435-452-1952. Our models get bonuses for referring freinds, as well as will get temselves a weekend in Park City for our annual workshop for photographers where our models are the stars for 2 days of fun!

Let us make it clear that just because we are starting to photograph sessions with our models for 2012, this does not mean you have to get your senior images taken this early – We just get to have lots of practice fun until we do shoot your actual senior session! Bonus! We always have a ton of project shoots we need help with, our senior models get called in first.

Say hi to Abby and watch for more details as we go along, but your best bet is to call us right away since the early girls and guys will get the advantage!

Senior Models 2012!

December 31, 2010

We have a great, fresh new model program for the class of 2012. No, you don’t have to have your senior pictures taken this early, but you get to do lots of practice modeling for us until it’s time! We are also wanting you to bring your friends, for group shots!

We are having fun already! The earlier you join in, the more modeling chances you will have. Earn yourself a spot at our Park City Workshop in the summer of 2011!


Meet Joslyn!

Kimee’s Composite

December 1, 2010

We are fortunate in the fact that we have a nice big studio to have bouncy teenagers in to do some of our favorite masterpieces, our sports composites. We haven’t advertised them much lately, we just do them! Let’s change that! We are now advertising our sports composites. So whether your skill is dancing, gymnastics, football or fencing, we’d love to showcase your talent for you with a custom sports collage. Prints start at 20 inches and go up from there. We can help you decide what will work best for you. Give us a call and let’s play! 435-452-1952

Thanks to our 2010 model Kimee for participating. Good stuff! – Shelley

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