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We took our available Class of 2014 reps out for a bit to get a  group shot, Emphasizing the red white and blue for July. We are patriotic at heart, that’s for sure.

I have put these over on our Facebook page and need to share them here too! Enjoy! We have a great group representing us! Seniors are our “day job” so give us a call to book your senior session. 435-452-1952


Meet our newest members of the SHP spokesmodel team. In no particular order, as they are all equal amounts of awesome!

Talk to any of these girls and help them by using them as a referral for an exclusive early deal for the Class of 2014. This doesn’t mean you have to get your senior session taken now. You “buy-in” for a special price and we shoot your session before the snow flies at the end of 2013. We still have room for models if you want extra camera time too! You can find the application here: Read it carefully and fill it out.

  • Myka Ginestar – Green River Wyoming
  • Alysha Stokes – BRHS
  • Tori Runchel – BRHS
  • Nicole Nelson – BRHS
  • Reggie Archuleta – BRHS
  • Trystan Green – BRHS

Our first round of models are listed here: SHP Models Round 1

Once we are done recruiting models, we will make one big long list.


green-river-wyoming-senior-myka-2014 as9087utah-senior-tori-class-of-2014nn8966 ra9064 senior-trystan-Class-of-2014

Its time to get out of holiday mode and get down to business! We will be calling and gathering our first group of class of 2014 models starting this week. We will be having a fun night of makeup and hair stylists and portraits. 435-452-1952 Let us link you to samples from last year.

We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. We also love our Southern Idaho girls from Malad, Preston.. etc.

We do this in January for a few reasons.

#1 – It’s cold, we are bored and have cabin fever and want to play! What better place to play than in a warm studio? We are hoping this is a fun break for you too!

#2 – We like to start with fresh images of the incoming seniors! You are our stars and we like to start early!

#3- We are already planning for our destination photoshoot in June. We need models, the models with the most referrals get to go. Ask any of our past models who have went on our destination shoot with us, we have a great time! (even if we do run into crappy weather on a regular basis! lol) We turn out amazing pictures!

#4- We like to play and experiment with new ideas. We need models for this!

Here is the model application. Class of 2014 model application Make sure you read it, and understand it before you fill it out. Remember we are in Garland, Utah. We put that on the application but get a good number of girls who fill it out that live nowhere near us! We’d love to take your senior portraits, but I’m guessing the trip would be a deal breaker for some! :)

So anyway, Bring on 2013! Bring on the Class of 2014. We are excited and grateful to be doing this job we love. Our favorite thing is to make you look good and make you feel good about yourself.  Let’s get started!

Questions and comments can always be texted or called to 435-452-1952





Dakota visited us for his Senior Pictures this year. He’s a Class of 2013 senior over in the Logan, Utah area. So we are glad he came over the hill! We aren’t so far away, just tucked away in a small town. That usually has it’s advantages.

We did our typical indoor outdoor senior session with him. Great stuff here! Thanks to Dakota and the family for coming over. We appreciate your business and we enjoyed the new connections we made!




We have our class of 2014 link up for model applications! Seems early, yes but we have our methods! We like to get you in early for camera time so we can show you off on our website, blog and facebook. (No this doesn’t mean you have to get your senior pictures taken this early. We take your official senior portraits later in the year.)

Here is the link to our model application, or the link is up top.

Before you fill out the form. Read the instructions, they are easy enough:

This opportunity is not free. You will get a deeply discounted senior session for signing up with us early and reserving your spot. When you fill out the model form, please do it with the understanding that you have talked to your parents about this and we will be contacting you for further information.  We do not turn anyone away. The more you help us, the more we give to you. We often need models for test shoots, this is why we love to gather our pool of seniors early enough to use them for upcoming projects. We have a few models who can say they’ve been published in magazines, trade show posters, displays, online commercials, ads, etc! We always need models but we don’t work for free. We pick from our paying clients.

Tell a friend, you can do this together. This isn’t a competition, so bring your pals! We’ve worked hard over the years to form this into a positive experience for anyone who joins us.  Talk to any of our past models, they’ll tell you we have a good time!

The process is starting now! We are already in the works to bring in a hair and make-up team at the end of January to have our first Class of 2014 play date. We only do the hair and make-up team once for our early sign ups as it takes a bit of organizing and work to put it together, so you’ll want to start now!

For those of you who have already filled out an application. we see you and will get you called soon!

You can text if you have any questions. 435-452-1952. Leave your name so we know who we are talking to.

Our blog here is full of samples of the models and senior reps we’ve worked with. Browse our site and be assured you will be happy with your pictures as well.

Here is a sample of the work we’ve done with the Class of 2013, including our workshops we’ve needed models for.



Kylan is a senior at Bear River high school. He loves football as you can see. We had a great time taking his senior portraits this year. It’s always great watching these guys (and girls) grow up. Thanks for coming in, it was a pleasure that turned out some great images.

We’ve worked with this girl enough to know that we adore her. We did some super senior portraits with her as summer came to an end.  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I think I’ve said that to a few of our models recently. It seems to happen every year, so I’m not sure why it surprises me, every year.

Sarah came with us to Wendover as a model, you can search our blog for more images here of Sarah. Our blog is full of her pretty face.

Sarah is a cheerleader from Bear River High School. She’s graceful and poised and cute and funny. I’m so happy we got to know her and her mother through this. We’ve had many fun times, and that’s what it’s all about.Thanks Sarah! We love you like our own!


Another great senior session we had this year would be one of our Class of 2013 models, Lacey R. We had a great time during her indoor and outdoor session. We’ve watched her years through the Bear River High School Color Guard as well. She’s comfortable in front of the camera with us by now, which makes some terrific senior portraits.

Thanks, Lacey! You are a doll and we had a fun time with you! – Shelley



Katelyn’s Senior Portraits

September 28, 2012

I don’t like saying this out loud because you read it on every blog out there – but here I go anyway – lol – I need to catch up on my blogging! We actually have some cool software coming our way that I want to use, so that’s the main reason I put it off, but I’ll just have to keep blogging and quit using that one as an excuse! We have many cool images to share, so here we go – back to the subject title! …

Beautiful Katelyn is one of our senior models for the class of 2013. Katelyn is at Bear River High school She came in for her full blown senior, indoor, outdoor portrait session. Stellar images came from this session of course! She did a great job, we had fun and her entourage kept everyone under control. Her album and composite along with other prints just came in and they look super! These are great keepsakes for a senior!

A huge thanks to Heather and Al for letting Katelyn come join us this season. We may just have some new fire-pittin’ friends, so that’s a bonus. (grin)

Here are a couple of my favorites. – Shelley


How cute is this girl inside and out? We’ve gotten to know Tiffany really well sine she is one of our senior models and we put her to work at our workshop this summer.

We loved her session, she turned out a great senior portrait experience and I am so happy to have these images to show off! :) Here are some of the results from her indoor/studio session.

Thanks friends!


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