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Keeping it simple even though there are a lot of deals here! There is something for everyone. Small Medium and Elite Packages. All inclusive digital files as well as print options. The more we sell, the more chances someone has to win. The more shares there are on Facebook, the more we will enter you for a win. Once we get to 100 shares on Facebook, we will give away a Ringlight Xsession. Have your family share for more chances for you to win a ringlight Xsession.

We have our newest package set at $179.00 for July 2nd. it will be $199.00 after this as an intro price. It will go up as the year goes on, so you will want to lock in your price now.

Starting RIGHT NOW we will sell the first 5 Xsessions for 159.00 as an intro bonus to this new style of package. No sales session. 7 files for you to have. 45 minutes of photographing in the studio or an outdoor location.


Ringlight Xsessions are new and perfect for the senior who just wants “one nice headshot” – Well, here you get two with our unique fashion styled ringlight you see in all the magazines. They look great on guys and girls alike. Browse our website and facebook page for samples. You won’t get that look from any hobby photographer. Nope.




Get your sale price on these 3 days, We will book a senior session for you and take awesome pictures! Win win! This is a Facebook and Blog only special – Tell your friends.

Call with Any questions.


We love our senior sessions. We create a lot of amazing images from seniors all around the area. This year we have came up with a new express session for those in the Class of 2014 who want nice images but are looking for a smaller option than our more popular packages.

This special is only good for the 2 weeks in July. 99$ will get you an express session with head-shot/close up images with 6 previews to choose from in a concentrated and fun 30 to 45 minute session. We will do the best looks possible with what you choose to wear. We may walk out the door and take a few outdoor images, we may keep it inside the studio. This discount is made available because it will trim down our work-time, so us saving time will translate into you saving money. This is the first year we have offered this and it may be our last. We will give it a go!

Take a look through our images, the proof is in the pudding. We will give you an amazing portrait experience that will make you 100% happy. It’s what we do!

P/S – Still want the full senior package? Keep checking back for a sale on our popular, complete senior sessions.


Our first SHP crew came in for their beginning mini shoot.  Once a year we network with our friends from the BATC. A big thank you to these girls and their talents. I have a list of them here, (please let me know if someone didn’t leave their name.)

Tricia Buchanan • Kayla Bingham • Bethany Roholt • Jessica Ratliff • Michelle AuFrance • Brooke Adams • Heidi Henrie • Brooke Adams • Cheyanne Scott • Halsey Russell • McKenzie Larson • McKenna Martin • Brooke Adams • Alexa Stewart • Schauna Austin

We also networked with local Paparazzi Jewelry representative, Kellie Creager to bring you some fun and awesome images of our Class of 2014 girls. Find her on Facebook. She is great to work with and this jewelry is affordable and trendy. She has options for you so have “basket parties,” open houses, or boutiques. I’m not much into parties like this but I love love love the Paprazzi ones… so that should convince you right there! :)  Trust me, call her and get your collection started!

Back to our 2014 incoming models. There is plenty of time to have normal shots, we like to get a little creative and just play, usually during the last weekend in January since we are all freezer burnt and have a good case of cabin fever. It’s fun to just see what we can come up with. We only do this once a year as a “freebie” for our models because it takes quite the production to bring it together with a team of girls, models and any other local friends who participate. If you are wanting to be a class of 2014 model and are sad you missed the “fun night” there are ways that we can help you get a fun mini session like this, but there is a small cost involved and travel time to our friends at the BATC if you want the themed look. Other than that, we are still booking regular mini sessions with our models. Those are just as fun too so please fill out an application today if you are still wanting to get your senior portraits done with us as well as add some extra camera time as a model. Either way we have early savings for all! Call us if you have any questions on that, we answer questions with no pressure. If you just want the information, we are happy to explain it on the phone. It’s much easier that way. 435-452-1952

Our Model Application for Class of 2014 is still active.  Fill it out today!

We need models from all over the area, including Logan, Brigham, Ogden and all of Northern Utah. We also love our Southern Idaho girls from Malad, Preston.. etc.

Please read our earlier post about how our model program works. Again, any questions are welcomed with a phone call!

So anyway! Let us show you some amazing pictures. We love to do our studio work this time of year.

Talk to any of these girls and they can give you the scoop on being an SHP model for the Class of 2014, or if you are just looking for an exclusive early discount on senior portraits.


  • Shayna M
  • Ryann T
  • Jasmine B
  • Shaylynn G
  • Keltsee A
  • Josie C

Thanks for another great yearly collaboration. The next one we have planned is for the June gathering where our qualifying models will be coming with us. They know all the details. :)

Who’s next? 435-452-1952

How cute is this girl inside and out? We’ve gotten to know Tiffany really well sine she is one of our senior models and we put her to work at our workshop this summer.

We loved her session, she turned out a great senior portrait experience and I am so happy to have these images to show off! :) Here are some of the results from her indoor/studio session.

Thanks friends!


Our annual Utah Photography Workshop wrapped up Sunday at 5 pm. My heart is always full after these from watching a successful event come to an end. We appreciate all the hard work in front of the camera and behind the scenes. We have a pretty incredible group to make this one of the best kept secrets out there. A heartfelt thanks to all those who make this possible! Models, Parents, Photographers, Hair and Makeup people and family.

We always have a story or two to tell about the event so I will condense it into a keyword blurb: Slowest elevator in the world; melt your face off heat; blow your eyelashes off wind; detour to the potash plant; hope my key works; lost my keys; wind took my Disney stickers; only lost 2 phones; Saw the cute fireman; $20 hairspray does indeed work in a tornado; 1 year wiser; woke up the vampire bat; Zombies are scary; that’s a nice camera; waddle waddle; Possessed TVs; can you just photoshop that?; magicians moonlight as flight attendants; do that again!; WHAT?!; beds with dents are comfortable too; waddle waddle; isn’t that a song?; …

See you next year. – Shelley

Oh yeah – let the kick BUTT images commence!!

Check back often as images will be updated.


Class of 2012 has graduated and here I am posting about the last few seniors we got in. Hope from Malad, Idaho came in to work with us and it was a great session! Her mother also told me recently she will be at Boise State University as well.

Hope is an all around athelete. She does a little bit of everything as well as captained the cheer team for the Malad Dragons.

Thank you lovely Hope and lovely mom, Trisa for finding us and dropping our way. It was a pleasure working with you and much success to your future!

Here are a couple of our favorite images from her.



Class of 2013 – We are looking for some aspiring Harrington models. We know it seems early, but read on!

If you plan to get your senior portraits done with us, send us a text 435-452-1952 or email Let’s get warmed up with a session, bring a friend! Our model program isn’t free.. the best things in life aren’t free!  But we have great and easy incentives. $50 will get you started,  like today! With fast access to images for Facebook and for your phone. Who wants to come in and model? Find out how you get a bonus for bringing your friends, we can do a session with your group. We are always needing models!

If you are interested in being a model:

The clock is ticking. We are looking for 2013 senior models, specifically in neighboring schools like Box Elder High in Brigham, Ogden, Logan, Malad and other areas. Being a senior model is a fun experience. We have a fun, fresh program that will get you perks, or if you just want to get in early for some spring bonuses, we’ve got something for everyone. This is not a free modeling experience, we do require minimum orders from our models. This does not mean you have to  have your senior portraits taken this early, we will just have mini-sessions until you are ready for your senior portraits in your senior year. We are constantly looking for models for various projects, our senior models get first dibs when something comes our way. One of the biggest perks we have is our annual Utah workshop in June where you are the model!  We are taking our hardest working senior models with us. We start to prepare for this in the early spring, this is one of the reasons we start looking for 2013 seniors early. We also like to use the incoming seniors on our marketing materials. Come early and this will be you! Promise!

You can be a model, help a friend be a model, or join in with your friends to work towards sharing our Utah Senior Workshop experience together! Our lowest possible pricing is right now, we will be moving the prices up as the year progresses. Don’t let the early deadlines scare you, if you plan to get your senior portraits taken with us during your senior year anyway, this is a program for you! Right now, $50 will get you started with a mini session, and every cent goes back into your senior portraits!!

Click on our Model Application to start the process if you’d like to be a model! We are going to have a great year! OR , if you are only interested in early savings, read the next deal below. Again, talk to your parents, they are welcome to call with questions. Call us or text us, there is no pressure here, we are happy to answer questions. 435-452-1952

Class of 2013 Seniors – Early Senior Lock-in Pricing

If you are simply looking for the best pricing for your 2013 senior portraits, read below. Please read carefully then call with questions, we hopefully have everything spelled out right here.

If you are interested in early senior savings for your senior portraits:

Right now we are offering a sale like nothing you will see any other time of year, so we urge you to take advantage of it!  Talk to your parents, they will appreciate the savings. Trust us. If it is your plan to have your senior portraits taken by us, you can lock in an early savings price by buying-in with a $50 deposit. This will give you a free session fee and the $50 will directly be applied to your order. This does not mean you have to have your senior portraits taken right now. This will lock in your price and we can have your official senior portrait session later in the summer.  You do not have to worry about paying anything else until it’s time for your senior portraits! You may want to book in time to get a unique yearbook shot if your school allows it. Again, this is an exclusive offer that will expire soon. After that time, we will go back to our regular session fees and pricing.

You will need to have your session booked no later than the early Fall of 2012. This is part of the “free session” deal we have set up for you. Plus if you are paying attention to the weather, you will see that wanting to wait for your senior portraits in the spring of your senior year is a large gamble. We have been doing this long enough to know we do not see steady weather until later in May and at that point, it’s crunch time if you want to hire a quality photographer.  This free session offer will expire soon.  You can contact us directly about it at 435-452-1952. Again, no pressure – we are happy to answer questions! We do have minimum orders set in place, but we have something that should fit everyone that is interested in getting senior portraits through us. We love what we do, we are good at it and we’d love to have you as a client!


Here is one of our superstars, Hayley H. She contacted us early in the 2011 year about being our senior model and she’s been busy for us ever since! Among other goodies, she earned herself a trip to be our senior workshop model in June – at which she did an amazing job for us! We couldn’t have asked for more! She has really helped us with referrals … (not to mention all of her cute cousins.. how can one family have so many cute girls?) We thank her for that! She’s also earned herself one of our dance composites, which we will be photographing here in September. It’s exclusively for a studio display we want to do, and we can’t wait to show it off!

Hayley is a senior at Box Elder High School . She is on the dance team. She loves her family, her boyfriend, and brown cows.

So, thanks again Hayley. It was really easy to get some amazing senior portraits after doing all this work with you. Thanks for all you do!

I think that’s one of the perks of being a model for us, by the time it’s time for the ‘real thing’ – these girls are relaxed, know us too well, and just make pretty pictures! I’m supery happy with these pictures, I know Steve is too.

Here is a sampling of our and her favorites.

Keep smiling and have a great senior year!


Class of 2012- Our super early sale deadline has come and gone, but we are having one last 12 hour “Last Chance” sale. The date is Friday, June 24, 2012!  Pass it on, this will be your last chance to get a free session fee for your 2012 senior portraits. This could save you $100 on amazing portraits of your senior year! We will book your date and take a $50.00 deposit on this day, so have a form of payment ready!


Call on June 24th between 10 am and 10 pm for this exclusive pricing. This is the absolute best deal you will find from us for the Class of 2012. Early bookings help us spread out the love and our creation time and in turn, we can offer early savings for those who want the best senior portraits around. This works slick for people who want a nice senior portrait image for the yearbook. We offer these for free on early senior sessions. (School restrictions may apply, make sure your school will accept images, we will do the rest!)

Book your session this day, get a $50.00 deposit to us during your call, and we will set up a date before Aug 19th to get your images done.


  • 6/24 between 10 am and 10 pm
  • Call 435-452-1952
  • Have your deposit ready – we take credit cards or you can run a check by that day
  • Complimentary Yearbook image – Free session fee!

Call us anytime if you have any questions. 435-452-1952 If you are an eager senior reading this, make sure you pass this information onto your parents. They will appreciate the savings, you will appreciate the awesome portraits!

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