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Last call for Class of 2014 Models. All our models get a mini-session with us, get called in for test shoots when needed, get their senior portraits taken with us and represent us through the year.

The application is here and will be taken down within the next week. You can also call if you have questions. 435-452-1952

Do you know Kaycee? We do now! What a doll! We are completely thrilled to have Kaycee in as one of our Steve Harrington Photography Class of 2012 Senior Models! It’s pretty obvious that she takes a great picture!

There is just over one week left for our models to give you the awesome sale price of a FREE session fee for your senior portraits. You should probably get in touch with Kaycee if you want this exclusive deal through us!

Thank you Kaycee! We look forward to working more with you through the summer and we have no doubt when it comes time, your senior pictures are going to be incredible!



And here is Chelbie, one of our Class of 2012 models for Steve Harrington Photography. She’s use to living in small towns, as she is also familiar with life in Soda Springs, Idaho and now she’s here in Garland, Utah going to school at Bear River High School.

We had a great day with her and she’s a great girl! Chelbie can get you an exclusive discount on your senior portraits with us until June 1st. So if you know this gal, you might want to talk to her about it. We did let her know that are totally up to heading up to Soda Springs for a day.

Thanks Chelbie for coming to us, we will have a great time!

Hayden and Parker

August 13, 2009

Hayden, from Bear River High School, came in for his senior portraits. His mom Vicki, and brother Parker, came along. Vicki wanted some images of the brothers together as well.

It’s a small world when you realize you went to school with someone, Vicki, haven’t seen her since high school probably-  but then realize her step-son and my son, Dalton, were best friends in high school and I had no idea that it was Vicki’s house he pretty much lived at for two years!  It’s a fairly small town! You think I would have caught onto that sooner or later! (Did that make sense what I just typed out? It’s a true story! .. Anyway…)

So here’s Hayden and his brother Parker. His brother Parker is the shy looking one. lol He was a LOT of fun to hang around with.

Thanks for coming over guys, and mom. It was a great time and I loved a lot of the images we got! I’m glad you did too!

Here’s a sample of my favorites. – Shelley




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