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The big day came on May 24th for Zackary and Kayla Bingham. We enjoyed every minute or it. It was a great ceremony and the wedding reception was well put together. We also did Kayla’s bridals last month so here are a couple of favorite images that we will share too.

Congratulations you two! I told you this already, but I’ll announce it the everyone else that you’ll have a beautiful wedding album to share for years to come. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon stay at Disneyland and California




Kayla and Zackary are getting married and we’ll be there! The Tremonton celebration will be on May 24th. We have their engagements and Kayla’s bridals all taken care of. It’s always nice to work with someone that we have been doing work with for years, it makes the session that much more relaxed and fun! There’s a lot of advantages of being a return client with us, that’s for sure. We also did Kayla’s senior portraits once upon a time.And Kayla has also done some work with us as a model, and as well as a hair stylist.

Best of luck to Kayla and Zackary! You 2 make a cute couple!

Here hare a couple of our favorites from their engagement session.


Let Them Eat Cake

January 26, 2012

Isn’t that the obvious title? I had to.

We love working with businesses to network and do commercial work. It’s all about that big circle of love that brings us into new client’s views. We know the joys and pains of being our own boss, so we invent ideas every day about how to be commercialized!

We’ve done a call-out for wedding cake artists, Doree connected with us from the Salt Lake City area. She makes beautiful cakes and is much like us, very picky about her finished product. So we arranged a photo shoot with cakes. It was a great affair with fondant galore!

Doree now has great studio images for her cakes to display and we have great cake images to use as well! You can see Doree’s talent and business at her website: Ladybug Cakes You’ll see she offers wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, and treats..

Let her know we sent you!

Business owners read this: If you are looking for professional images regarding your business ventures, please give us a call and let’s see what we can work out. We are all about making our local economy stronger. It’s important to us to support each other while we are working throughout this sluggish economy. We can pluck along together and make a difference. 

Thank you Doree for your time. It was great to make a new friend. Here’s to a new business relationship!


Thank you on behalf of Steve Harrington Photography,




Time flies by! It seems like just the other day we were talking to Rebecca about being our Class of 2012 senior model. Now, here we are, already doing her official senior portraits! They are done and she turned out an amazing session! We’ve probably mentioned it before when we announced her as a model, but we’ve also had the pleasure in the past of photographing her older sister and brother for their senior portraits. We’ve also done bridals for her older sister, Lisa. This family creates some good looking kids, that’s for sure!

So now Rebecca is entering her senior school year at Bear River High School. I would imagine she’ll have the time of her life and we wish her a great school season! We appreciate her representing us this year. She’s done a great job!

Thanks again! Here are a few of our favorites.

Bridal portraits probably rank right up there with some of our favorite portraits to shoot! Take a pretty girl in a beautiful dress and shape her with light, you can watch the magic happen. Tiery is such a stunning bride, we are glad she came to use for her bridal portraits. We always figure bridal portraits are a big deal, after the big event and the dress is tucked away, it’s important to be able to have these images to look back on for years to come! We work on creating a timeless memory.

Thanks Tiery and have a great wedding day!


We are happy to help Tiery and Fernando with their engagement portraits as well as their wedding announcements. They came in for a studio session with their two best friends. I’m a dog lover and we fell in love with these boys quickly! They were so good and fun to shoot! I hope we get the chance to see them again soon.

Congratulations to you all and we are looking forward to photographing Tiery’s bridals soon too.

Time for some one-on-one education on the subject of professional photography! Here’s some good information to sink your teeth into. Are you ready?

One of the biggest fallacies that bothers Steve the most would be the comment, ‘But Steve is so expensive…” Now, I don’t want this to sound like we are turning on the defensive, more-so I want to type out a few points for those who may react too quickly. The fact that we hear the above comment from people who have never even been to us, leaves a big assumption on their part. Now granted, we aren’t for everyone. If we were for everyone, we’d be really busy doing a lot of work for nothing. A wise man once told me, “If they aren’t complaining about prices, your not charging enough…”

This is what we do for a living… and we also know our marketing area. Residing in Northern Utah is a great place to be! And even better is our small town living that we love so much! If we were to price ourselves out of this region completely, we would not be doing this for full-time for very long. We have no doubt we could move to a larger town to demand higher prices, but the payoff of small town living (and a great community and good friends) keeps us grounded. Part of being a professional photographer is knowing your market limitations and strengths. We have found the level playing ground where we can be more “exclusive” without breaking the bank and keeping our clients 100% satisfied. It’s our guarantee. A good guarantee goes hand-in-hand with a working as a professional. Ethical business practices should be a no-brainer as well.

We love being exclusive to those who appreciate our work, we also invite a larger audience in with sales on a constant basis to those who like our work but may not feel they can afford us. Although we know we aren’t for everyone, we still like to try to make everyone happy! But you also can’t expect cheap (or shoddy) work from an award winning photographer who also happens to speak on this subject nationally. So take advantage of our giveaways and discounts when you can!

If you want to know how we really operate, ask a client of ours, not an assuming bystander. We tend to build life long relationships with clients. We are 100% confident that our clients ‘have our back.’ That speaks volumes as a professional photographer, don’t you think?

Have questions? Call us! We can answer you, talk to you about our job, our business, and your requests! Our studio is by appointment only, feel free to call and come in and look through our samples. We love what we do!

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to our blog!!

-Shelley Harrington

Steve Harrington Photography

We had the pleasure of photographing Morgan and Dallin at their wedding reception tonight. We also took their pre-wedding images (nicknamed ‘groomals’ here in Utah) last month so they had plenty of time to enjoy the day without being rushed around the Salt Lake City Temple today for pictures. We are so glad they chose to do it this way, it sounded like the SLC  temple was crazy busy as usual!


They are a gorgeous couple and we wish them the best! Congratulations you two! Thank you for letting us be part of your special event. We loved it!


It’s time to start prepping for those June weddings! We are always fortunate to photograph the cream of the crop when it comes to our wedding clients!

Morgan and Dallin will be getting married in June.  They came in for their engagement session last weekend. To say they are a beautiful couple feels like an understatement! We had a terrific shoot and we are happy to be a part of it!

Thanks to both of you, and Kristie ! We will be seeing you again soon. Good luck with your planning! I’m sure it will be an incredible experience!


We are interested in teaming up with some wedding cake designers. We have a need for wedding cake images and if you are in need of some portfolio samples, we can build a great relationship! I’m not going to solicit to these people unless they show interest first. I appreciate all the suggestions and referrals people have sent my way, but what I’m really looking for is interested designers to contact us first! SO, if you know someone, don’t send me their name, pass our information onto them and then they can contact us if they are interested! Thank you!  or contact Steve at 435-452-1952

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